Application of Linear Regression Analysis Model on Early Warning System for Inefficiency of Electricity Usage

Rahman Indra Kesuma, Hafiz Budi Firmansyah, Mahardika Yoga Darmawan


Recently the Indonesian people often get inefficiency of electricity usage. On the other side, in Indonesia, the electricity is mostly produced from steam power plant, which require fuel from non-renewable natural resources. So the highness of demand and the occurrence of inefficiency the electricity usage can increase the consumption of natural resource and the air pollution. Therefore, an early warning system are proposed in this study, become one of the various solution than can increase awareness of the people in efficiency of electricity usage. This system requires the input data of electricity usage in the last 6 months, that will be formed the electricity usage trend from each user using linear regression analysis. Furthermore, this trend will predict the electricity usage for next month, this is used as the limit to give the warning from the system. The outcome from this study is the system that can provide a warning to users if their electricity usage run over the certain limits.


Early Warning System; Inefficiency of Electricity Usage

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